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rd+d Design Digest

Converting Spaces into Restaurants

Finding restaurant spaces can be difficult, especially given rising interest rates and tight real estate markets. It can often be less expensive, and faster, to convert a space to hold a restaurant than to opt for ground-up construction. Here's how.

Golden Corral's Mississippi Renovation

Golden Corral unveils a newly remodeled unit in Flowood, Miss. The unit features a modern color palette, new entrance design, fireplace and buffet bar.


Swig Opens First Franchise Location

Swig opened its first franchise location in Rogers, Ark., earlier this month.

Operators Are Remodeling Inside and Out

Readers were asked where they had seen the greatest amount of operator investment so far in 2023, and according to the latest pulse survey from rd+d, it's a split!

Get Granular

Operators can generally see a quick return on investment as outdoor spaces can be used year-round with retractable roofs. Here's a guide to retractable roofs and doors.