Restaurant Construction: Insights from a GC

Often, restaurant owners put their trust in an architecture firm to manage most aspects of a construction project, including overseeing costs and budgets.

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Coming to America: International Brands Face Hurdles Entering the U.S.

For the owners of Giraffas, Brazil's fourth-largest quick-service chain, the decision to expand internationally was an easy one. Anticipating changes to the company's rate of growth in Brazil, the executives set their sights on expanding into the United States. An easy jump, it would seem, from their South American headquarters.

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Q&A with Henry McGovern, Chairman AmRest Holdings

“If you ate in one of our KFCs, you saw how much better it is than in the U.S.,” boasts Henry McGovern, chairman of AmRest Holdings, who sat down for an interview with rd+d in the company’s Wroclaw, Poland, headquarters in March.

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How to: Ensure Construction Standards Compliance in Franchise Chains

To date, Which Wich CEO Jeff Sinelli has founded three franchised restaurant chains. At first, he strictly followed his lawyer’s advice for enforcing construction and design standards. Then, as he learned more about selling franchises, he began to customize compliance standards to better satisfy franchisee expectations.

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Five Things Fast-Casual Brands Need to Attract Millennials

It was 1990. I was just barely 18, and my first real job was delivering pizzas for Rocky’s Pizza Ring. This local mom-and-pop joint could have been a hot spot “back in the day.”

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Millennial Mindset: Restaurant Visits and Spending

While restaurant companies scramble to lure in the Millennial share of market with honest, authentic, whole foods and casually hip spaces, that group might be just as happy cooking up a little something at home. Research from The NPD Group backs up this line of thinking among Millennials in both restaurant visits and spending.

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