Day to Night: Designing for Daypart Transitions

Restaurants that can transition from daytime to night can bring in revenue from multiple dayparts.

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Golden Eagle and Muchacho Maximize a Difficult Atlanta Footprint with Retro Flavor

Taking over an awkward space is always a challenge for restaurateurs. When Michael Lennox was faced with this challenge, his solution was to turn one building into two concepts: Atlanta’s Muchacho and Golden Eagle.

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Wok and Roll

Michelin, manufacturer of tires and publisher of restaurant guides, did something unexpected this year by bestowing a Michelin star on an open-air restaurant, Jay Fai, in Bangkok, Thailand, in its inaugural Bangkok Michelin Guide. 

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Starbucks Opens First Store in Uruguay

Global coffee behemoth Starbucks opened its first store in Uruguay, in the capital city of Montevideo. 

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Seoul Taco Brings the Food Truck Indoors

The food truck craze resulted in the founding of several brick-and-mortar restaurants.

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Once Upon a Restaurant: Storytelling in Restaurant Design

Every restaurant tells a story. Its design not only establishes the setting but it brings guests right inside to experience the owner’s chosen narrative in multisensory ways. 

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