Studio Munge Figo 03 Evan Dion

Figo 10 Evan DionNestled between the Entertainment and Fashion Districts in downtown Toronto, Figo is a bright, modern, 2,100-square-foot Italian restaurant with a 1,100-square-foot patio.

Figo 05 Evan Dion

Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the interior with natural light, but a custom-designed floral print was applied to the glass to soften the light coming in. A large fresco-like floral ceiling application repeats the motif and adds a romantic touch.

Figo 09 Evan Dion

The open kitchen is framed by 4,000 hand-laid tiles across a Romanesque archway.

Figo 08 Evan DionThe bar is backed by decanters and speckled mirrors, and a cathedral-style wine cabinet continues the Italian-inspired architectural touches. Seating is a mix of low-backed plush leather sofas and curved, geometric white chairs. Tables are a mix of wood and glass.

Images courtesy of Studio Munge


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