3M’s Drive-Thru Basestation G5

G5 Basestation frontWith a smaller footprint than previous versions and dual-lane capability, the new G5 basestation drive-thru system offers noise reduction at the menu post and acoustic echo cancellation. The unit features a built-in greeter and improved sound quality and is compatible with both the XT-1 and G5 drive-thru headset systems. Other options with the G5 line include a headset package, a headset charging station and batteries.


VGS’ Virtua POS Kiosk

VGS Kiosk image product showcaseThe Virtua self-service POS kiosk walks customers through a made-to-order process via interaction with the attached tablet. The Virtua Brand Ambassador creates an engaging experience for the customer. The kiosk can play videos and presentations to help with consistency in messaging. The system also gathers customer analytics, accessible via a cloud-based reporting portal.


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