Axo Light’s Urban LEDs

AxoLight Urban 6Urban is a geometric light collection of dimmable LEDs designed by Dima Loginoff for Axo Light. It comes in three colors — white, bronze and matte nickel — and in ceiling lamp and suspension styles. The ceiling lamp comes in three heights: 8.3 centimeters, 13.8 centimeters and 23.8 centimeters. The suspension version, which is available in a variety of heights, comes with a canopy.

The Chair Market’s Suellen Table

Suellen Table ExpandedThe Chair Market’s Suellen modern wood table provides extreme flexibility and portability. It extends from 17¾ inches to 11 feet, 6 inches in length. It is 30¼ inches tall and 45¼ inches deep.

Fermob‘s Ariane Table

Ariane Table 60x70Made of 100 percent aluminum, the Ariane table is foldable and retractable and comes equipped with a secure anti-tipping system. Its tray and table base are available in 24 colors. Adjustable pads alter the height. It is available in two sizes.

Meyda Custom Lighting’s Chandel-Airs

MeydaBrickAnchorPhoto64Designed by Meyda Custom Lighting and interior designer Rebecca Larys, the Paloma Golpe Chandel-Airs feature six downlights, six inner lights and six uplights, which provide enough light to illuminate a 3,000-square-foot space with 20-foot ceilings. The customizable 48-inch-wide light feature with reversible fan can be programmed to change with dayparts and seasons, providing cooling in warm months and heat circulation in cold months.

Michael Wolk for Pavilion Furniture

MichaelWolkForPavillonThe Michael Wolk for Pavilion Furniture line includes modern lounge chairs/sofas, dining/cocktail tables and more. Inspired by the colors of Greece, the collection includes the Blue Dining Chair, which measures 22½ inches wide, 24½ inches deep and 37 inches high. It features an 18-inch seat height and 25-inch arm height.

Niuline’s High Chair

Nuiline NThe Niuline High Chair is made using solid birch and comes in teak, walnut and natural finishes to match existing decor. Weighing in at 12 pounds, it measures 28½ inches tall, 17¾ inches wide and 18 inches deep. The high chair also features a heavy-duty restraining belt.

Litecontrol’s Inde-Pendants

Inde Pendant all three hi resLitecontrol’s Inde-Pendants 32L family has three primary styles — cylinder, ring or both — with options that make up to 11 configurations. The lights can match output or power in 50-lumen increments to meet precise needs. The patented technology also provides verifiable wattage. The performance of the Inde-Pendants 32L features indirect and direct cylinder distributions, efficacy up to 118 lumens per watt and customizable lumen outputs ranging from 350 to 3,000 lumens.

Finelite Tunable White-Light-Enabled System

Finelite TunableWhiteSimulation LinkedInCafeteria Design API Sprig Photo JohnSuttonThis tunable white-light-enabled system allows users to tailor color temperature and intensity levels by time of day to emphasize seasonal dining offerings, to enhance the look of food, and to elevate consumer mood and purchase patterns. The FineTune System offers a Bluetooth-enabled, iOS- and Android-compatible mobile app, allowing users to control settings from their device, as well as traditional wall-mounted controls. The system comes in 11 LED luminaire options including pendant, wall mounted, recessed, cove and the new wall slot, among others.

Blue Leaf Hospitality’s Modernist Chair

Blue Leaf Hospitality Modernist ChairSuitable for a variety of hospitality applications, this chair mixes a classic midcentury silhouette with a delicate color palette of light walnut, taupe and rosehip. The chair features a plush cushion with a thick weave and a square-woven, natural cane backset into the swooping walnut frame. The chair’s design also features gently curving lines.

Eaton’s Modular 2-Inch Round and Square LED Pinhole Downlights

Eaton Halo ML4 LED DownlightsThe Halo ML4 light-emitting diode (LED) downlighting system provides a variety of lighting solutions for the restaurant industry. The compact and modular recessed system includes a housing, an LED module and a choice of a field-interchangeable, round or square, 2-inch aperture pinhole trim. The lights are available in multiple aperture styles, optical distributions and finishes. The ML4 system is designed to deliver the optical control, color quality, punch and sparkle associated with tungsten-halogen sources, per the manufacturer.

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