Advance Tabco’s Stainless Steel Beer Boxes

prbb beerboxAdvance Tabco’s Prestige series Stainless Steel Beer Boxes keep bottled beer cool and within an arm’s reach in a drink serving station or high-volume bar. The unit features stainless-steel construction and an 18-inch-deep insulated basin. The unit’s perforated, removable false bottom and 1-inch IPS drain for melted ice ensures proper sanitation by not letting the water sit on the bottom of the box. The PRBB series also features a 7-inch backsplash to better protect the wall and maintain a flush line with other underbar equipment.

Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry

dyson airblade wash+dry hand dryer tall model front view over basinThe Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry allows guests to wash and dry their hands at the sink. The unit is up to 39 percent quieter than its predecessor, per the manufacturer. Having guests dry their hands over the sink reduces the amount of water that winds up on the floor. The unit features a 14-second drying time and a HEPA air filter.

Eagle Group’s Height Adjustable Table

t2448sehar tall rgbEagle’s ADA compliant, ergonomic height-adjustable tables feature the company’s uni-lok channel gusset system. The easy-to-adjust handle makes any table height setting possible.

Marra Forni’s Handcrafted Brick Ovens

blue square elThis pass-thru rotating brick oven can accommodate two chefs working at once. The unit’s dual forced air burners cook pizzas in 90 seconds or less, per the manufacturer. The unit’s proprietary refractory bricks facilitate heat absorption and retention as well as consistent cooking. A touchscreen user interface controls oven temperature, deck rotation speed and auto on/off.

Eagle Group’s Spec-Master Enclosed Base Hot Food Tables

eagle groupsht3ob120 4cEagle’s Sealed Well Hot Food Tables feature an enclosed base design with heavy-gauge type 430 stainless-steel construction with open front or sliding doors. Sealed-in heat wells allow for wet or dry applications. Heating compartments are insulated on bottom with 1-inch fiberglass or equal. Each compartment is fitted with element rated 750-watt at 12 volts, 713-watt at 208 volts or 950-watt at 240 volts. All include a 6-foot cord and plug, a poly cutting board and a stainless-steel dish shelf.

Magna’s Modular Dispensing System

magna small ingrediant dispensing 350dpiMagna Industries’ stainless steel Modular Ingredient Dispensing System features a modular design that allows for unlimited capacity of dry or liquid ingredients. Bins are removable for cleaning. The system features all-welded construction with a frame made of 11/2-inch square tube. Operators can use this as a stand-alone system for manual dispensing or incorporated into an existing automatic batching system.

Silhouette Renoir Wine Display

silhouette renoir propped light rightSilhouette’s 30-bottle contemporary wine display is slightly less than 10 inches deep so it can be mounted to a wall with minimal spacing. Pocket doors mounted in the side walls allow easy removal of individual bottles of wine. Features include triple-pane low-e glass that protects wine bottles from UV light, an alarm that chimes when the door is not fully closed, and three energy-efficient LED light settings (on, off and motion activated). Unit dimensions without framing: 71.5 centimeters wide, 208.5 centimeters high and 23.9 centimeters deep with a gross weight of 105 kilograms.

HOSPECO’s Evogen EV1 Dual Feminine Hygiene Dispenser

HOSPECO Evogen EV1 PR Image 2.6.18The Evogen EV1 dispenses both tampons and pads and has both a coin and a free vend option that includes a delay mechanism to reduce waste. Features include an ADA-compliant push button for dispensing and an empty indicator light (requires one 9-volt battery). It holds up to 14 size #4 box sanitary napkins and 23 tampons. Available in white metal or stainless steel, the unit measures 14 inches wide and 26 inches high.

Marra Forni’s Due Bocche Rotating Oven

Marra Forni Dua Bocca RotatorDesigned to accommodate two chefs cooking simultaneously, the Due Bocche offers a rotating deck and touch-screen technology, giving the operator control of temperature, rotation speed and auto on/off. Standard features include a dome terra-cotta finish and a steel stand. Customizable, the oven is available in both wood-fired and natural-gas-fired models.

Advance Tabco’s Multi-Use Food Shields

AdvanceTabcoFoodShieldAdvance Tabco’s new Multi-Use Food Shields (CNSGC series pictured) convert from cafeteria style to self-serve style. The folding glass can also be used as a display shelf when in the self-serve position. The stainless-steel tubular post’s construction supports an 18-inch-wide or 24-inch-wide stainless-steel shelf. It’s also available with an 18-inch-wide glass top with two 18-inch-wide glass side panels composed of ¼-inch-thick heat-tempered glass. Front glass is composed of 3/8-inch-thick heat-tempered glass. Glass tops are 3/8-inch thick.

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