Advance Tabco’s Heavy-Duty Slotted Cook Line Wall Shelf

AdvanceTabcoDT21 seriesThe DT21 series Heavy-Duty Slotted Cook Line 21-inch-wide wall shelves feature 18-gauge 304 stainless steel 1½-inch square tubing. The 1¼-inch spacing between tubes allows heat/steam to rise through the shelf when mounted over cooking areas. Shelves mount securely to the wall with stainless steel plate brackets, which ship loose to match wall stud location. Operators can specify factory-welded shelf brackets but those will require prints.

Encore Premium Plumbing Products’ PowerPulse PRSV

PowerPulse HiResThe PowerPulse Pre-Rinse Spray Valve uses pulsating jets of water to power off dried-on and baked-on food in 12 seconds, per the manufacturer. It comes in a variety of flow rates, including 1.05 GPM, 0.74 GPM and 0.67 GPM. It is available as a complete pre-rinse kit or operators can use it to retrofit existing systems.

Larson Electronics’ 25 KVA Temporary Power Distribution System

LarsonTempIntended for heavy-duty applications, the MPD-25KVA-480-10X120.20A from Larson Electronics is a temporary power distribution system that converts 480 volts AC three-phase to 120 and 208Y volts AC three-phase electrical current. This system has 25 feet of line-in cable to connect the substation to a primary 480-volt power supply. The transformer and load assembly is mounted on a 3/16-inch thick carbon steel mounting platform, and the load center/distribution assembly is mounted to the standard carbon steel tubing frame.

Marra Forni’s Rotator Smart Brick Ovens

MarraForni Oven 2017Designed to accommodate high-volume pizza-making, the Marra Forni Rotator Smart Brick Oven line features touch-screen controls that manage temperature, deck rotation speed and direction. The ovens feature a 35.43-inch deck. The dome and deck consist of refractory bricks with 4 inches of multilayered insulation in the dome and 8 inches in the deck. The ovens feature a 24-inch-by-9.5-inch opening and a stainless steel flue collar atop the dome. A round flue adapter comes standard.

Advance Tabco’s 84-Inch-High Double-Width Mop Sink Cabinet

Advance TabcoThis all stainless steel 84-inch double-width mop sink cabinet serves as a space-saving, all-in-one custodial closet. These units are suitable for any municipalities that require mop sinks to be enclosed for sanitation purposes. The doors close magnetically, and the louvered side panels allow for ventilation. Features include a fixed stainless steel shelf, mop holders, a mop sink, a drain and mop bucket storage.

Dyson Lighting’s Cu-Beam

Dyson CuBeam1This line of suspended light technology uses a single high-power LED to project light exactly where the designer and operator need it. This line’s heat pipe technology is a cooling system that enables the lights to stay bright for up to 180,000 hours, per the manufacturer. The uplight uses a custom-engineered bubble optic lens, which casts a wide pool of light across the ceiling. This eliminates hot spots and allows a short drop height, creating soft, ambient light throughout the room. The downlight provides focused lighting for task surfaces.

Eagle Group’s HFL-5000 Series Touch-Free Hand Washing Systems

EagleThese systems combine items from a variety of manufacturers to create a complete and integrated system. Elements include an Eagle hand sink with antimicrobial protection and a basket drain with a 11⁄2-inch connection, a Kimberly-Clark hard roll towel dispenser with mechanical touchless technology for one-at-a-time dispensing, a T&S Brass electronic-eye faucet, a Purell/LTX hand sanitizing dispenser, a Gojo/LTX hand soap dispenser, a FoodHandler glove rack for single-service gloves and a Tucel soft bristle white nail brush.

Hoover Commercial’s Hushtone 6Q Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover HUSHTONE. ordless BackpackThe Hushtone 6Q Cordless Backpack is powered by a quick-change M-PWR 40V lithium battery that offers up to 45 minutes of run time, per the manufacturer. Cordless technology can enhance productivity and reduce the risk of falls. The unit features a lightweight, ergonomic harness. Other features include a two-speed motor that operates in Hush mode for less disruption or in Boost mode for higher performance; built-in safety controls with software that monitors batteries and chargers for proper voltage and temperatures, overriding operation until optimal conditions are met; and HEPA filtration.

Krownlab’s Upgraded Architectural Door System

Krown Lab door stop adjustmentThis sliding-door hardware system now features concealed fasteners, minute leveling control, a field-modifiable track and adjustable doorstops. The system is available in single, biparting and bypassing door configurations.

Advance Tabco’s Mechanically Assisted Everyday Buffet Table

Advance Tabco BMACP wFoodThe BMACP series Everyday Buffet Tables feature a cooling capacity of 1,500 Btu per hour. The units have a matte black vinyl-clad enclosed base constructed of all-welded stainless steel. These tables also include four 4-inch swivel casters, including two with brakes; a double-sided thermoplastic polymer food shield with side panels; a 1-inch IPS drain; a 6-foot electrical cord with plug; food pan adapters for optional 12-by-20-inch pans; and a removable access door and on/off switch.

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