Advance Tabco Self-Service Sleek Shields with Glass Top

AdvanceTabcoAdvance Tabco’s self-serve-style glass food shields feature a 3/8-inch-thick heat-tempered glass top and ¼-inch-thick heat-tempered glass sides along with a 6¾-inch-high glass front that has a maximum front clearance of 13 inches from tabletop to the bottom of the front glass. The series features Chamber Lock technology, which allows the front glass to be rotated from only one side, making glass cleaning more efficient. It locks the glass into place in 15-degree intervals. Custom units and sizes are available.

Formica Corporation Specialty Markerboards

formicaThe Formica Magnetic Markerboard line is a high-pressure decorative laminate with an iron foil incorporated under the surface to provide magnetic qualities. The newest addition to the line introduces a black magnetic chalkboard surface. It is an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance surface that can be used in numerous applications to change out signage using chalk.

Rubbermaid Resist Receptacles

Rubbermaid ResistResist receptacles are designed for outdoor commercial use. The line features a dent-resistant design; advanced coatings that defend against corrosion, fading, rust and even graffiti; a permanent rain hood; and a secure stainless steel lock and anchor kit. Resist is available in four different sizes and two different shapes and is customizable with more than 230 color and materials options.

Advance Tabco Heavy-Duty Portable Bars

advance Tabco Portable barAdvance Tabco’s new line of portable bars includes a 19-inch-by 13.5-inch-by-11-inch ice bin with optional 7-circuit post-mix cold plate. It also includes two stainless steel speed rails for bottle storage and a stainless steel work surface and interior. The bar top and front face are made of black mica laminate. Custom colors are available. The unit includes a full perimeter protection bumper and 6-inch heavy-duty swivel casters with brakes. Model AMS-5B is pictured.

Eagle Group Elite Series Counters

elite counter 2A fully customizable line of counters, the Elite Series focuses on melding aesthetics and functionality. Materials available include laminate, natural woods, stainless steel, brushed aluminum and powder-coated. Customization options include concealed casters, removable kick plates, tray slides, beverage troughs, square or round tubing, logos and graphics and sneeze guards.

Forno Piombo Wood-Fired Ovens

FC TileMulti Stainless NoCaption 01Forno Piombo brick ovens are handmade in California. The all-brick domes are hand cut and feature a squirrel-tail vent. Available in two sizes, the smaller oven is 63 inches tall and has an interior dome height of 17 inches and an opening 10½ inches tall by 20½ inches wide with a 36-inch interior diameter cooking surface. The larger oven is 67 inches tall, has a 20-inch interior dome height and an opening 11½ inches tall by 21½ inches wide with a 42-inch interior diameter cooking surface. The oven comes in three base styles: scratch coat, stucco and tile.

The Howard Company’s Drive-Thru Lane Deluxe Clearance Bar

Deluxe Clr Bar DUO 1The single and dual Deluxe Clearance Bars from The Howard Company have a standard clearance height of 9 feet, stated on the bar itself and visible to drivers. The single-lane model, placed on the driver’s side of the lane, allows the horizontal bar to swing forward and back to its original position if struck. Placed between two lanes, if the bidirectional double-bar model is struck by an oversized vehicle in either lane, the horizontal bar rotates forward, then returns to its original position once the vehicle backs up. Both feature a pivoting crossbar and are constructed of powder-coated steel.

Advance Tabco’s Heavy-Duty Slotted Cook Line Wall Shelf

AdvanceTabcoDT21 seriesThe DT21 series Heavy-Duty Slotted Cook Line 21-inch-wide wall shelves feature 18-gauge 304 stainless steel 1½-inch square tubing. The 1¼-inch spacing between tubes allows heat/steam to rise through the shelf when mounted over cooking areas. Shelves mount securely to the wall with stainless steel plate brackets, which ship loose to match wall stud location. Operators can specify factory-welded shelf brackets but those will require prints.

Encore Premium Plumbing Products’ PowerPulse PRSV

PowerPulse HiResThe PowerPulse Pre-Rinse Spray Valve uses pulsating jets of water to power off dried-on and baked-on food in 12 seconds, per the manufacturer. It comes in a variety of flow rates, including 1.05 GPM, 0.74 GPM and 0.67 GPM. It is available as a complete pre-rinse kit or operators can use it to retrofit existing systems.

Larson Electronics’ 25 KVA Temporary Power Distribution System

LarsonTempIntended for heavy-duty applications, the MPD-25KVA-480-10X120.20A from Larson Electronics is a temporary power distribution system that converts 480 volts AC three-phase to 120 and 208Y volts AC three-phase electrical current. This system has 25 feet of line-in cable to connect the substation to a primary 480-volt power supply. The transformer and load assembly is mounted on a 3/16-inch thick carbon steel mounting platform, and the load center/distribution assembly is mounted to the standard carbon steel tubing frame.

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