HOSPECO’s Evogen EV1 Dual Feminine Hygiene Dispenser

HOSPECO Evogen EV1 PR Image 2.6.18The Evogen EV1 dispenses both tampons and pads and has both a coin and a free vend option that includes a delay mechanism to reduce waste. Features include an ADA-compliant push button for dispensing and an empty indicator light (requires one 9-volt battery). It holds up to 14 size #4 box sanitary napkins and 23 tampons. Available in white metal or stainless steel, the unit measures 14 inches wide and 26 inches high.


Marra Forni’s Due Bocche Rotating Oven

Marra Forni Dua Bocca RotatorDesigned to accommodate two chefs cooking simultaneously, the Due Bocche offers a rotating deck and touch-screen technology, giving the operator control of temperature, rotation speed and auto on/off. Standard features include a dome terra-cotta finish and a steel stand. Customizable, the oven is available in both wood-fired and natural-gas-fired models. 


Advance Tabco’s Multi-Use Food Shields

AdvanceTabcoFoodShieldAdvance Tabco’s new Multi-Use Food Shields (CNSGC series pictured) convert from cafeteria style to self-serve style. The folding glass can also be used as a display shelf when in the self-serve position. The stainless-steel tubular post’s construction supports an 18-inch-wide or 24-inch-wide stainless-steel shelf. It’s also available with an 18-inch-wide glass top with two 18-inch-wide glass side panels composed of ¼-inch-thick heat-tempered glass. Front glass is composed of 3/8-inch-thick heat-tempered glass. Glass tops are 3/8-inch thick.


Tonon’s Eko Fit Modular Shelving System

TononEkoFitShelvingUnit1 1For use in cold rooms, the Eko Fit shelving system made of anodized aluminum is NF and NSF certified. The shelves are polyethylene FDA certified for direct contact with food. The shelving is self-supporting and does not need to be secured to floors or walls, though it can be corner mounted if needed. It comes in 6 heights, 5 depths and 22 lengths. It has a certified load capacity of 250 pounds to 550 pounds per shelf. 


Vinotemp’s Private Reserve Series 300 Commercial Wine Cooler

vinotemp 300 bottle commercial nraVinotemp’s 188-bottle wine cooler can hold wines at a temperate range between 41 degrees F and 64 degrees F. A front vent allows for either built-in or freestanding installations. Inside, steel wire racking is lit by a patent-pending three-color system that offers soft white, amber and BioBlu (which helps reduce the growth of bacteria and mold, according to the manufacturer). The cooler also has a vibration-dampening design that reduces noise and energy consumption. The unit measures 29½ inches wide by 74 inches tall. 


Roll-A-Cover Retractable Glass Enclosure

shoprite lean toRoll-A-Cover retractable glass enclosures employ ¼-inch tempered glass and a standard 10-millimeter polycarbonate on the roof with options to insulate, depending on location. Aircraft aluminum rafters are available in four stock colors (white, sand, bronze anodized and clear anodized), and the walls and roof have optional glazing tints in gray, clear and bronze. Each engineering system is built to each site’s wind and snow load requirements and stamped by a certified engineer. 


Advance Tabco’s Modular Bar Die System

advance tabcobardieAdvance Tabco’s new Prestige line of modular bar die ships with the underbar equipment pre-attached, allowing for flush mounting to the die wall. The die wall comes pre-drilled for drain conduit, plumbing lines, soda/beer lines and electrical conduit. Cantilever bases on the bar equipment eliminate legs and allow for easy cleaning. Removable millwork panels allow for easier access to utilities.


Advance Tabco Self-Service Sleek Shields with Glass Top

AdvanceTabcoAdvance Tabco’s self-serve-style glass food shields feature a 3/8-inch-thick heat-tempered glass top and ¼-inch-thick heat-tempered glass sides along with a 6¾-inch-high glass front that has a maximum front clearance of 13 inches from tabletop to the bottom of the front glass. The series features Chamber Lock technology, which allows the front glass to be rotated from only one side, making glass cleaning more efficient. It locks the glass into place in 15-degree intervals. Custom units and sizes are available.


Formica Corporation Specialty Markerboards

formicaThe Formica Magnetic Markerboard line is a high-pressure decorative laminate with an iron foil incorporated under the surface to provide magnetic qualities. The newest addition to the line introduces a black magnetic chalkboard surface. It is an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance surface that can be used in numerous applications to change out signage using chalk.


Rubbermaid Resist Receptacles

Rubbermaid ResistResist receptacles are designed for outdoor commercial use. The line features a dent-resistant design; advanced coatings that defend against corrosion, fading, rust and even graffiti; a permanent rain hood; and a secure stainless steel lock and anchor kit. Resist is available in four different sizes and two different shapes and is customizable with more than 230 color and materials options. 


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