Product Guide: Outdoor Furnishings

Dining al fresco is more popular than ever, and restaurant owners are increasingly challenged to create outdoor spaces that are comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and brand appropriate. Here are some considerations and suggestions to keep in mind when designing yours.

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Product Guide: Windows & Doors

Finding ways to bring more of the outdoors in is among the biggest restaurant interior design trends today. To that end, designers and architects are tapping skylights, glass-paneled garage doors, retractable walls and roofs, and other products and strategies to maximize natural light, views and, where possible, physical access to outdoor spaces.

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Product Guide: Wall Coverings

Walls Do Talk

As the largest exposed surface area in a restaurant, walls play a critical role in overall design and brand storytelling. Sure, paint is simple, versatile and affordable, but designers and operators are increasingly turning to the fast-growing world of high-performance wall covering options for additional design pizzazz.

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Product Guide: Signage and Menu Boards

Part art, part science, menu boards and signage serve as important communication tools in a restaurant — QSR and fast-casual operations, in particular.

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Product Guide: Restroom Fixtures and Equipment

Restrooms may occupy a small percentage of floor space, but their ability to impact the total guest experience and leave a lasting impression — good or bad — is powerful. Smart operators and designers approach restroom design and layout with that in mind and give restrooms the respect they deserve, from the standpoint of both form and function.

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