The Product Guide to HVAC & Air Quality

Selection and installation of effective, efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems is expensive and not exactly sexy compared to other key elements of restaurant design, but it’s among the most critical to get right.

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The Product Guide to Restroom Fixtures & Equipment

Yes, Instagram-worthy restrooms are now a thing — but that should come as no surprise. After all, restaurant guests today have a big appetite for recording and sharing images of just about anything that catches their fancy — even if it’s in the loo.

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The Product Guide to Signage and Menu Boards

Part art, part science, menu boards and signage serve as important communication tools in a restaurant — QSR and fast-casual operations, in particular.

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The Product Guide to the Back of House

Front-of-house trends may focus on Instagram and experiential design, but in the end, every successful restaurant experience comes down to the quality of food and the service. And an operator’s odds of scoring high on both of those fronts increases exponentially if the back of house is designed and equipped in ways that empower employees to produce the very best version of every menu item efficiently, consistently and safely.

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The Product Guide to Wallcoverings & Ceilings

With Designer Insights from John Paul Valverde & Miguel Vicens, Partners, Creative Directors, Coeval Studio

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The Product Guide to Windows & Doors

Unlike many other aspects of a restaurant’s design, doors and windows must be carefully selected with multiple mission-critical functions in mind. First, they have to look good and contribute to the restaurant’s brand messaging and ambience from both inside and out. After all, an entry door provides guests with their first up-close visual and tactile interaction with an operation. And windows don’t just provide views to the outside; they passively and powerfully help market the experience within to passersby while enhancing the ambience for guests.

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