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Mirrors or murals? Wallpaper, wood or whitewashed brick? Paint or panels? When it comes to deciding what to put on restaurant walls, there’s no shortage of attractive choices, from simple to sensational. And given the amount of exposed surface area that walls in most restaurants offer up, opportunities to get creative with treatments and finishes that set an operation apart are limitless.

Need proof? Just check out this Project Profile on the new El Five restaurant in Denver, where owner Justin Cucci’s personal collection of mid-century Arabic movie billboards — sourced on eBay — was used as nontraditional wallpaper to set a dramatic stage for the restaurant’s Mediterranean and Middle Eastern tapas-style cuisine. It’s a great example of how walls, or what’s on them, can play a strong role in integrated, brand-savvy designs.

And then there’s Instagram. Designers increasingly must factor Instagrammability into their restaurant projects, often devising wall treatments with camera-snapping, photo-sharing consumers in mind. Walls slathered with pithy and fun graphics or inspirational quotes are easy Instagram bait, as are original murals and eye-catching materials and patterns.

Underneath all the razzle-dazzle, however, lie important performance considerations. Will the wall finishes chosen stand up long-term in the notoriously abusive restaurant environment? Do the cost of the materials, their installation and maintenance fit within realities of the budget? Does the lead time for delivery of the products fit within required build-out schedules?

Successfully reconcile such practical issues with the potential for pizzazz, and your walls will not only have people taking, they’ll help strengthen your bottom line as well.

koroseal arborencounter

Fresh Arbor Encounter

Arbor Wood wallcoverings, part of a specialty line of products from Koroseal, is a natural wood reintroduced with 14 new stains in a collection called Arbor Encounter. It comes in standard sheets sized 3 by 10 feet and is AA-Architectural grade veneer that installs like contract wallcoverings.

Koroseal Interior Products

texture plus stone faux wall panel

Stacked Stone Faux Wall Panels

Create a modern twist on traditional stone walls with Texture Plus Stacked Stone panels, available in shades of gray and tan. Texture Plus’ selection of natural-look stone cladding is durable, lightweight, easy to install, low cost and built to last, per the manufacturer. Many standard and interlock styles to choose from. All products are manufactured in the U.S.

Texture Plus

muralsources cheridah

Murals Made Easy

Cheridah is a printed Chinoiserie mural available at a fraction of the cost of traditional hand-painted Chinoiserie murals. Each mural is printed with super-high detail onto nylon/latex-infused wallpaper, with options for vinyl, textured and metallic finishes. The mural shown is one of many in the Chinoiserie design library, which showcases classic Chinoiserie and vast old-world landscapes suitable for dining rooms and waiting areas or as large framed art pieces.


parasoleil wallcovering

Beautiful, Functional Panels

Parasoleil offers a decorative cladding option for wall coverings that not only adds beauty but can also play a part in creating privacy, lowering a building’s heat gain, and/or creating profound design statements. Panels are available in aluminum, steel, or copper with a choice of more than 50 standard patterns and 17 powder-coated finishes. Custom patterns and finishes are available upon request.


ati decorative laminates artful metals collection

Metal and Patina-Inspired Laminates

The new Artful Metals collection from ATI contains 15 unique metal and patina-inspired finishes. The collection finishes range from bright, colorful patinas and rich oxidized coppers to rare and artistic, modern-treated metals. The new designs are available on a wide variety of ATI’s 4-by-8-foot Fusion substrates. Special orders for 4-by-10-foot size have minimum order requirements.

ATI Decorative Laminates

innovations prairie

Affordable Stone Alternative

Yosemite simulates stone in a durable, affordable Type II vinyl. With 2 feet of vertical repeat, the 54-inch wallcovering’s horizontal texture serves as a realistic alternative to travertine or marble panels with an authentic, muted palette of 12 colorways.


versa wallcovering versaguard wall protection

Flexible Wall Protection

Engineered to perform in high-traffic areas and public spaces, VersaGuard shields walls from repeated impact, resists tough food and beverage stains, and can be cleaned with bleach. The product is made of 33-ounce vinyl with drill backing and a proprietary topcoat. It contains 30 percent recycled content, is low-VOC and is certified to NSF 342. Choose from three patterns: Panama Linen (left), Halcyon (right) and Ravelle Texture (two colors on bottom).

Versa Wallcovering

island timber kayu

Reclaimed Teak, Reimagined

Island Timber’s original Kayu design is a meshed tile arrangement of sleek strips of reclaimed teak designed with a tapering relief. Each strip is a wood composite with decades-old Indonesian teak heartwood adhered to premium-grade pine. This composite creates a unique stability, allowing the unparalleled appeal of distressed teak to be showcased in unique, modern designs. Available in shades from light golden to weathered gray to smoky dark.

Island Timber

livewall living wall system

Living Wall System

Designed with a healthy regard for plants, LiveWall living wall system transforms ordinary walls into inspiring vertical landscapes. Simple to install and easy to maintain, the system is engineered with horticultural and structural features specific for both indoor and outdoor installations. Features include modular planter boxes and integrated irrigation components.


materialsinc hydra

Moss Wall System

The Hydra Moss Wall System is the ultimate synergy of nature and design — and a boon to acoustics as well. Harvested from sustainable sources, Hydra is stabilized and undergoes anti-static treatment to avoid the capture of dust. Due to its molecular structure, Hydra requires a relative humidity of 40 percent to 50 percent and doesn’t like to be placed in direct sunlight.

Materials Inc.

nickel gap mix centennial woods

Reclaimed Nickel Gap Wood Surfacing

Often mistaken for shiplap, Centennial Woods’ Nickel Gap is milled using a tongue-and-groove technique that creates a 1/8-inch gap between the boards — approximately the thickness of a nickel. The boards are 3/8-inch thick with a 4½-inch face and come in 4- or 6-foot lengths. These reclaimed wood boards contribute toward satisfying LEED MR3, MR4 and possibly MR5 credits.

Centennial Woods

architectural systems swick natural wall coverings

Thin, Lightweight Veneers

Swick Natural Wall Coverings are thin, lightweight and flexible veneers with a two-part polymer-mineral powder system fixed to a fiber weave backing, creating an elevated industrial aesthetic. Handcrafted, Class A Fire Rated upon request and easy to install on curved or straight walls and millwork.

Architectural Systems

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