Retractable Roofs Dazzle, Whatever The Weather

When the developers of Andaz San Diego were looking to rebrand the hotel's rooftop restaurant and lounge as RoofTop600, their goal was to create a space that offers guests a unique and intimate atmosphere for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The company wanted to capitalize on its already popular rooftop restaurant in the city's Gaslamp Quarter — the largest rooftop space in San Diego — and to
create a space it could use rain or shine.

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Planning Is Key to Exceeding Development Goals

What is the key to successful growth? Some will say selling franchisees, some will say you have to select the right site, and others will say making sure all of the timelines are met for the transition from construction to opening and operating the business. All are correct, because every step of the process is critical to having a successfully run business that maintains itself for the long term.

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Draft Picks: Tapping More Than Beer

How More Restaurants  Are Tapping More Than Just Beer. 

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How to: Boost Operations with Self-Serve Kiosks

The year is 1912. Do you know where your lunch is? If you live in New York City, there is a good chance that it's behind small glass doors at the Horn & Hardart Automat. You will insert coins in the slot and retrieve a sandwich or a piece of pie and carry it to a table to eat. Technology at its best, a century ago.

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Consider This: Restaurant Signage

Signs of all shapes and sizes have long been a standard part of a restaurant. From the roadside sign that serves as a beacon drawing customers to an establishment to one that indicates where to find silverware and napkins, all signs look to achieve the same goal: to direct a person to or through a space. What signs look to achieve may not have changed over the years but how they do it continues to evolve considerably.

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Improving Project Management in Restaurant Development

Owner Engagement, Communication, Tech Solutions Pave the Way for Smoother Openings

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