Interview with an Expert: Hit the Mall

Shopping and dining go hand in hand, whether it's a quick lunch at the food court or capping off a day of retail therapy with dinner at a full-service restaurant. Shopping center developers are increasingly savvy to the fact that the right restaurant mix creates an environment that draws customers and keeps them on the property as much for food and entertainment as for merchandise.

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What's on Your Playlist? Music Helps Build Brands

It's that je ne sais quoi about a restaurant, that intangible that creates energy in a space, even if no one is in the room. You can't touch it, taste it or see it, and you might not even notice it's there, but it impacts your impressions. Just like lighting adds another element to décor, music builds ambiance and brands.

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Kitchen Shrink: Reducing Kitchen Footprints

The drive to reduce kitchen footprints is essential to deliver foodservice to more convenient locations with a reasonable investment.

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High Touch: Tablet Technology in Restaurants

Tablet technology puts flexibility, control – and fun – in customers' hands.

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Car-Charging Stations Let Restaurant Guests “Fuel” Up

Car-charging stations have popped up in the parking lots of grocery stores, big-box retailers, even hotels – allowing electric car owners to recharge while they shop or sleep.

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More than the Menu is Green with Tossed’s New Prototype

The emerging chain debuts a new eco-friendly design.

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