How to Move Into Nontraditional Locations

Opening new locations is a common occurrence for restaurant chains, but sometimes branching out can bring significant changes. As brands expand into nontraditional locations, or even just a new geographic area, challenges and exciting opportunities abound. Here we spotlight three brands and how they moved into nontraditional locations.

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UFood Grill Debuts Facial-Recognition Kiosks

Healthy fast-casual chain UFood Grill entered the Maryland market with a 42-seat, 2,000-square-foot location in Owings Mills. It is the 18th unit for the chain and its first stand-alone location.

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10 Kitchen Design Best Practices

Putting in the time up front makes for a cost-efficient project in the long run.

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Glamour in the Desert: The Drum Room

Three handcrafted drumheads, evoking the spirit of traditional Native American tribal drums, line the back bar wall and help to convey the concept’s theme. 

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Trend: Restaurants Hosting Pop-Ups

Just a few years ago, no one had heard of pop-up restaurants, and now they’re seemingly everywhere you turn. And there’s good reason for that. Pop-up restaurants can be test runs, creative exercises and financially rewarding endeavors. More brick-and-mortar locations are dipping into the trend. One of the many challenges in hosting a pop-up restaurant is coming up with a design that looks permanent but is anything but — while doing so in a cost-effective and authentic way. Here, we spotlight three very different kinds of pop-ups with very different goals.

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Consultant's Take: Make Technology Hospitable

While new technologies promise to make restaurants more efficient, operators should focus on using them to improve the customer experience.

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