Trend: Hot Biscuits!

Biscuit Love, Biscuits & Groovy, Biskit Junkie, Biscuitville, Biscuit Bitch (yes, three units, in Seattle), Biscuit Head, Serious Biscuit — who would have thought that the humble southern staple could spur a wave of hip restaurant concepts?

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People Power

There is nothing like watching a plan come together. Whether it’s completing a winning restaurant design, creating an innovative new menu, pulling off a successful event or finishing an ambitious team project, there is no greater sense of accomplishment than that of seeing an idea through to completion.

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Project Profile: Eberly

Many a great restaurant concept idea is hatched over drinks. In the case of Eberly, a contemporary American restaurant in Austin, Texas, creative inspiration sprang not from booze-fueled collaboration on a cocktail napkin but from the beauty and backstory of an actual bar.

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Burger 21 Finds Its Niche

This better-burger chain has introduced a new prototype to emphasize food quality and its 21 burger recipes.

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How to: Determine the Right Remodel Timeline

There’s a rule of thumb in the restaurant industry that remodels should happen every seven years, but that’s not always best. This raises the question, when is the right time for a remodel?

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Coming Back from Disaster

Your restaurant is in tatters, utilities and cell service are out, there’s water everywhere, your POS system is torched, customers are displaced, and payroll’s due next week. Sound like one big, nasty nightmare?

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