Smith & Wollensky’s Miami Beach Overhaul

Smith & Wollensky’s Miami Beach, Fla., location remained fully operational during an extensive recent renovation.


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The Telephone Game

Remember the telephone game? Wait — let’s back up, do you remember landline telephones that used to sit on your desk? No? How about desks themselves?

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Dishing with the Pros

I spent a week in Orlando at the beginning of February. Yes, much of that week was spent on a trade-show floor, but compared with wintering in Chicago, I wasn’t going to complain.

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Q&A with Jennifer Durham, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer, Checkers & Rally’s Restaurants, Inc.

Known for its iconic red, white and black double drive-thru buildings, Checkers & Rally’s Restaurants, Inc., moved away from a retro image in 2012 to a more contemporary approach to its look with the debut of its Model 3.0 prototype. The update helped propel growth, and by the end of 2016, Checkers & Rally’s had added 176 new restaurants and 175 new franchisees.

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Reader's Choices: Stephen Francis Jones

Stephen Francis Jones served as in-house architect for the Wolfgang Puck Food Company before launching his firm, SFJones Architects, in 1996. He has designed restaurants, hotels and spas all around the world: Spago and MB Post in California, the retro chain Lucky Strike Lanes, Java House franchises in Kenya, and many others.

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Q&A with Won Fun and 2Fun Chinese Founder Austin Baker

From the proprietor behind the successful Bar Marta in Chicago comes a new venture in the city’s food-centric West Loop. Won Fun is the ground-floor modern Sichuan restaurant that seats 60 people, and 2Fun Chinese is the lively upstairs lounge that seats 140 customers and offers dim sum, snacks and a DJ booth, complete with karaoke on Tuesdays. The concepts reside in a 100-year-old warehouse once home to a deli and grocery company.

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