Service by Design: Changing a Restaurant's Service Model Requires Careful Planning

How Flexible-Format Models Recreate the Dining Experience

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Green Design: Wallcoverings Can Play a Role in Sustainability

When interior designers use the term "wallcoverings" as part of a restaurant design scheme, they generally refer to a type of highly durable commercial-grade wallpaper. These types of traditional wallcoverings have long been popular and practical design solutions, and in recent years they've also begun to play a role in sustainability.

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You Want What? Balancing Menu Innovations and Kitchen Design

Menu Innovation vs. Design Limitations

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Project Profile: Tom’s Urban 24 in Denver

Smashburger Founder’s New Big Idea: 24/7 Casual Dining with an Urban, “Hipster Chic” Vibe

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Design Insights on Carmel Cafe

Design Insights on Carmel Cafe and Wine Bar from the restaurant's architect. Click to read the complete profile

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Fresh Brew: Dunkin’ Donuts Reimages, Targets the All-Day Sit, Sip and Surf Crowd

There's a lot of buzz over at Dunkin' Donuts these days, and it's not just coming from the coffee. The iconic American QSR brand has plans to double its U.S. footprint to 15,000 stores and officially announced new store designs aimed at positioning the company more strongly against the likes of Starbuck's for today's sit, sip and surf coffeehouse consumer.

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