Car-Charging Stations Let Restaurant Guests “Fuel” Up

Car-charging stations have popped up in the parking lots of grocery stores, big-box retailers, even hotels – allowing electric car owners to recharge while they shop or sleep.

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More than the Menu is Green with Tossed’s New Prototype

The emerging chain debuts a new eco-friendly design.

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How to: Make Smart Flooring Choices

When selecting flooring, there is much to consider beyond simple aesthetics, and the options for a restaurant are many and diverse: traditional carpet and quarry tile; a wide variety of hardwoods, both natural and engineered; decorative tile; high-end environmentally friendly options; and more.

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Design Insights: Lynn Rosenbaum: Chute Gerdeman

Some deeper design insights on our profile on Domino's new guest-friendly pizza theater prototype from Lynn Rosenbaum, vice president, environments for Chute Gerdema . Read the full article here. 

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ADA Updates Affects Design and Facilities

New guidelines can impact design and facilities.

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Domino’s Delivers a New Guest-Friendly Pizza Theater Prototype

Domino's Delivers a New Guest-Friendly Pizza Theater Prototype

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