Nellcôte, Chicago

Grit meets glamour at this new restaurant, a partnership between nightclub and bar pros Chris Freeman and Chris Dexter and celebrated chef Jared Van Camp. Pre-recession, the late-night dining scene featuring stepped-up food and drinks began with Old Town Social, the trio's first concept.

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Big Night Entertainment Group: GEM Restaurant & Lounge, Empire Asian Restaurant & Lounge, Boston

The Hotel Costes in Paris served as restaurateur and nightclub vet Ed Kane's inspiration for GEM Restaurant & Lounge, while Tao in Las Vegas helped inspire Empire Asian Restaurant & Lounge: Both the luxury European supper club and the glamorous Vegas megaclub cater to the same food-and-cocktail-focused crowd.

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Chili’s New Protype Design in the Works to Cater to Millennials

Chili's has gone through a major overhaul. In addition to rolling out a reimage in the past couple of years, including a system wide lighting upgrade to LED and other energy-efficient lamps, the Brinker International chain has also zeroed in on Millennials as part of its new prototype design. The debuting store will launch by the end of the year in Mesquite, Texas.

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Designing for Millennials

Socially aware. Constantly connected. Technologically savvy. These attributes all describe the Millennial generation and make designing a restaurant for this demographic all the more challenging.

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RSVP, New York

The name hints at it all: status, exclusivity, celebrity, partying and fine dining. Drenched in sleek black leather with mahogany wood and neon purple accents, mirrored walls and ornate crystal chandeliers, this social dining, supper-club-meets-nightclub concept is the brainchild of local celebrity chef Seth Levine and a handful of nightlife veterans.

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Bennigan’s Refreshes Brand, Plots Comeback

As part of its post-bankruptcy comeback, last year casual dining icon Bennigan's Franchising Company debuted a brand refresh at two corporate locations and plans to bring the same menu optimization and service enhancements to current and future franchise partners.

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