Trend: Immersive Experience Restaurants

Immersive dining and drinking experiences are nothing new, but they’re gaining ground as their core patrons — Millennials — continue to seek out adventure and prioritize new experiences over acquiring new possessions. 

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Designers Dish: Restaurant Trends for 2018

The bar on quality is rising fast and so are project costs. Technology, social media and next-gen designers are changing the game at every level. Consumer expectations continue to evolve. And it’s no longer good enough to simply design functional, great-looking restaurants: Today, it’s all about creating experiences.

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Quiznos Debuts New Prototype

Quiznos’ new prototype features a redesigned interior layout and updated menu offerings. The sandwich concept rolled out the design at a new store in Menomonee Falls, Wis. The location is also a test spot for new menu offerings.

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Wendy’s New Designs Reduce Energy Use and Footprint

Wendy’s unveiled a new portfolio of development options to franchisees dubbed the Smart Family of Designs with an aim to keep energy stewardship at the forefront of its designs going forward and to fit the concept into smaller footprints. The chain also plans to open more than 600 stores by 2020.

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Day to Night: Designing for Daypart Transitions

Restaurants that can transition from daytime to night can bring in revenue from multiple dayparts.

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Golden Eagle and Muchacho Maximize a Difficult Atlanta Footprint with Retro Flavor

Taking over an awkward space is always a challenge for restaurateurs. When Michael Lennox was faced with this challenge, his solution was to turn one building into two concepts: Atlanta’s Muchacho and Golden Eagle.

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