Design Insights: Jack Potter, JBI Interiors

Design Insights on Tossed's new "green" prototype.

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Branding Matters: An Interview with Karen Brennan

Having helped shape some 50 different brands "from the inside out" over the past 25 years as a senior marketing and development executive, a consultant and National Restaurant Association (NRA) Marketing Executives Group (MEG) board member, Karen Brennan knows a thing or two about branding.

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Now Open: Lexington Social House, Los Angeles

Junella Chin, co-owner of this 10,000-square-foot Chinese restaurant turned food-focused lounge, has capitalized on the merging of nightlife with restaurants. "I'm definitely seeing more places becoming all encompassing, from restaurant to supper club to event space," Chin says. "We like to think of Lexington Social House as the perfect dinner party in your own home — with live music, live bands and pianos.

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Sound Solutions: Acoustics Management

Overlooking the acoustics management during the design phase can not only hamper the guest experience it can lead to costly updates later.

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Sleek New Resto-Lounges Feed the Nightclub Crowd

It seems nightlife fans are growing up. Forget about those long lines behind velvet ropes and judgmental bouncers, those coveted "lists," the blaring music, hard-to-see DJs, extreme darkness and mediocre food — or lack thereof. Old-school nightclubs are out; all-night dining and lounging are in.

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Restroom Recon

Two minutes in an outdated, hard-to-clean restroom can wipe away an entire meal's worth of great impressions. Make sure your next new design or remodel gives this small but powerful space its due.

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