Trend: Midcentury Modern Restaurant Design: One Icon and Three Newcomers

Mid-century modernism is back in fashion in a big way, both for commercial and residential spaces, and it’s a throwback trend that restaurateurs and designers are embracing in fresh new ways (see below for recent examples). The announcement in early March by the James Beard Foundation, naming The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City as its inaugural Design Icon Restaurant Award winner, may fan the flames. This truly iconic restaurant is the real deal, an authentic, timeless representation of mid-century design at its oh-so-elegant best.

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Fazoli’s Georgia Franchisee Opens All-New Prototype

Fast-casual Italian chain Fazoli’s opened its first new stand-alone prototype restaurant in Macon, Ga., and announced the planned opening of its first St. Louis market locations.

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Retrofit, Remodel or Renovation

Refreshing a restaurant is like updating old recipes: some need a dash of salt, while others require the addition of entirely new ingredients. As time passes, any establishment can benefit from a redo — no matter the scale. For restaurant operators, updating your environment is not only important, it can be vital to continued success in the ever-changing foodservice industry.

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Back to the Future with Retro Bars

Those same entrepreneurs who mined the past for food and drink concepts like speakeasies and tiki bars are looking to the 1970s and 1980s for inspiration. Contemporary takes on the fern bar are filtered through a lens of nostalgia rather than accurate recreations — perhaps more influenced by the Regal Beagle pub in the ’70s sitcom Three’s Company than real life. The concept appeals, designers say, both to those Boomers who remember fern bars fondly as well as the Millennials and X-ers just now discovering them.

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How to: Select Window Coverings

Window coverings are one of the first things guests see when approaching a restaurant, and in this business, first impressions matter. On the exterior, you want to appear welcoming. On the interior, you want every detail to look great.

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The Curious Case of Value Engineering

Controlling costs is critical when it comes to restaurant design and construction. Without the proper checks and balances, projects can go off the rails and budgets can reach astronomical proportions. However, too many budgetary limitations can have a negative impact on not only the design of a restaurant, but also its customer experience. This is where value engineering (should) step into the picture.

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