Q&A with Brian Graziano, Vice President, Experience Design & Innovation, Curiology Group

Have you seen a modern sports stadium lately — in person, not on a screen over the bar or facing your favorite armchair? If so, you’ve witnessed just how elevated the stadium hospitality experience has become. 

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How to: Determine the Right Remodel Timeline

There’s a rule of thumb in the restaurant industry that remodels should happen every seven years, but that’s not always best. This raises the question, when is the right time for a remodel?

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Beverage Bonanza: Bar Design in The Gilded Age

An unprecedented drinking culture has arisen in the U.S., fueled by the craft movements in beer, spirits and cocktails. This is a world where increasingly sophisticated consumers fixate on imbibing the new and novel, bartenders become celebrities and new bar openings are highly anticipated.

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Spring Forward

A recent meeting in my office with a VIP, our senior sales director's beloved dog, Hunter. 

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5 Must-See Detroit Restaurants

We've got the antidote to the internet's obsession with "ruin porn" photography in Detroit: five gorgeous restaurant spaces show the Motor City's long-promised rebound is well underway. 

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5 Ways to Bridge the Branding and Interior Design Divide

We’re all familiar with restaurant interiors. We’re all also familiar with restaurant brands. But over the years, I’ve noticed something: More often than not, the brand identity does not align with the experience created by the interior design. Individually, both may be brilliant — each with their own moments of glory — but together, they fall short, and the gap created by various designers is visually obvious. I’m calling for a collective effort to end this disservice for the sake of our clients — and for our crafts.

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