Design Market: 6 Beautiful Restaurants in San Francisco


Proof Flores 012

Proof Flores 278This modern Mexican restaurant, opened in November 2016, serves authentic dishes by Chef/Partner Alejandro Morgan alongside contemporary cocktails. The edgy yet sophisticated and playful space spans 3,500 square feet and seats 140 with distinct spaces meant to represent an extension of a home kitchen, beachside restaurant and town center all in one.

Flores 274

The restaurant’s interiors also exhibit a diverse assortment of patterns and textures reflecting Mexico’s cities, states and regions. Local artists created the murals and metalwork, while traditional white plaster offers a toned-down balance for the many colors. Ceiling fans, deep cowhide chairs sourced from Mexico and a lively bar add energy to the space, while a wall of windows frames a verdant outdoor garden situated under a canopy of porcelain string lights.

Images courtesy of Flores

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