The 2018 rd+d awards

Best Full-Service Restaurant Design (Check Average More Than $50) 


LoggerHead by YOD 05


Logger Head is a speakeasy designed to capitalize on its setting — a building that dates to 1886. Arched domes connect guests to the history and character of the building, and hidden amber lights highlight the ancient masonry construction. The jazzy atmosphere is highlighted by custom lamps that look like old microphones designed by Andrey Galushka. Our judges were taken with the “innovative, unique design,” the “very strong attention to detail” and “good use of lighting.” The judges ultimately declared, “they did a really good job” with the design. 

LoggerHead by YOD 01

LoggerHead by YOD 06

LoggerHead by YOD 09

 Images courtesy of Andrey Avdeenko

Honorable Mention

BAO by YOD 19

BAO, Kiev, Ukraine

The judges felt “it was a well-thought-out” design that “consistently” incorporated the aesthetics “from floor to ceiling.”

BAO by YOD 09

BAO by YOD 07

Images courtesy of Andrey Avdeenko

Honorable Mention

Kitchen 21 coney island mural

Kitchen 21, Brooklyn, New York

“It was a great reuse of an existing space,” according to our panel, who felt the team did a “good job” updating the space.

Kitchen 21 breakfast

Kitchen 21 dining

Images courtesy of Halkin/Mason Photography

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