Best New Concept Launch

Awarded to the best new concept from the ground up, from development through execution.

Entry requirements:

  • Only projects completed between January 1, 2016, and August 1, 2017, are eligible.
  • All entries must be submitted in a single PDF file that does not exceed 10 MB or 25 pages.
  • Entries must include a floor plan and photos.
  • Floor plans may be submitted separately as a jpg or PDF.

Every entry must include the following on the first page:

  • Name of concept and full/complete name of operator/owner company
  • Headquarters location (city, state)
  • Opening date
  • Unit size (square footage) and number of seats
  • Brief description of concept and menu style
  • Average check
  • Project team (include members from the operator company, architects, designers, contractor and other relevant parties)
  • Operator direct contact

All entries must touch on the following project details (please address the questions below in 750 words or less; you may use photos between text to illustrate points):

  • Describe the concept’s positioning in the marketplace, target demographic(s), and unique points of differentiation.
  • Describe development goals and strategies (i.e., number of units planned, company-owned, franchised, development schedule, etc.).
  • What were design and development challenges to bringing the new concept to market and how did the project team address them?
  • What steps were taken to drive efficiency into the operations?
  • What key design strategies were used to bring the concept to life? What are some signature design features?
  • What makes this an award-worthy new restaurant concept?
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